You’re Just A Little Girl

You’re just a little girl, love to hold flowers in your hand, talk to Teddy Bear in hours, hide under the bed whenever The Time knocked on your window.

You used to walk down the park, you loved to watch those flowers dressed in beauty and you loved their fragrance, too -that you couldn’t hold your hand from picking them.
You used to hope Teddy would get hungry immediately so you could feed him. Fondled him to your chest -only to start him sleepy so that you could sing him a lullaby. But for some reason, you’d never wish him able to speak -not even a word.
You used to love sitting in the cradle, that you’d call somebody to swing you so that you could totally focus with the joy it brought.
Daddy used to leave early in the morning. Mommy told you that Daddy had to go to work so that he could meet all you need. You couldn’t understand. All you need was there: flowers, cradle, Teddy, Mommy, and Daddy, too.
And The Time, The Time would call on your name from outside the window, persuaded you with deceptive words of all beautiful things about grow up.

Now, I’m just a boy who’s trying not to be that Teddy Bear, one of those flowers, cradle, surrogate Mommy, or your Daddy figure.
But, I’ll be the one who’s playing the guitar while you’re singing Teddy Bear a lullaby.
I’ll be the one who walks you to the garden, picking any flowers as much as we want.
I’ll be the one who swings you in the cradle until the evening falls with starry sky, until you fall asleep by the breeze -that I’ll have to carry you on my shoulders.
Together with you, we’ll ask Mom to stop Daddy from leaving the house.
We’ll tell Daddy not to worry. ‘Cause we got all we need.

And whenever The Time knocks on your window, I’ll be there.. under that bed.. hiding together.. with you.

Dedicated to: SherBeat